Human wellbeing at the heart of the project.
Engineer. Passionate about structures, architecture and wood.

Graduated at Bologna (BEng) and at Turin (Meng), then I build up my knowledge in timber structures attending courses in Trento and I achieved the ARCA Structural Designer qualification. I worked for the Falcone Costruzioni in Acciaio in Cuneo designing and performing structural analysis. I came back to Ravenna to collaborate with Mirabilandia amusement park as a designer and project manager for the thematic areas Dinoland and Far West Valley. A 3DS Max course at the European Institute of Design came to fruition in an ongoing collaboration as interior designer and visualizer for the Foschi & Nolletti firm in Italy.
Currently working as a Structural Engineer and Designer in London.


Engineer, but not just that.
Photography, sports and travels are also part of my life.
Photography is about light, shaping it and painting it; is the quest for perfection; is freezing that moment in a picture. Sport is about health, effort and commitment: running is a continuous challenge to yourself and cycling is the willpower that pushes you to overcome the toughest climbs and friends teamwork to reach the goal. The travels are cultures, cities, landscapes and people to experience; they are relating you to people living in various places and hailing from different backgrounds and they always teach you something.

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